Our methodology

We offer to work with a rigorous work methodology, enabling both reflection and action so that you can grow, learn and manage the future of your organization (Company, Institutions, associations ...): the SEPIE

This methodology, standardized, applicable to all of our projects and needs, meets the following steps:


Our investigation will be defined by themes specifying the area of intervention.
We will focus on the definition of the problem to solve, formulation of objectives, the targeted population, the economic, social and community outcomes, and other groups, as well as administrative, public, voluntary and private channels ... all that condition the resolution of your problem.


Our expertise will be based on the survey data that formalize the conclusions. We will work together in order to ask the right questions about your projects and your needs.
Our work will create a case that will be used to realize your project. This will guide us throughout our cooperation.


At that point, we will design an action plan (human, material, financial, ...) that, in the best conditions, will allow us to fulfill our collaboration.


We will ensure proper coordination between all actors. And we will keep you informed of the development and progress until the conclusion of our collaboration.


After each intervention we will propose a briefing that will take the outline of our collaboration and will bring a mediumand long-term vision.