Our training

SEPIE Method

Discover a standardized methodology to work, thoughtful, adaptable and creative, that let you achieve all your objectives.

Creativity: a crisis solution

Discover your ability to imagine or construct and implement a new concept, a new object or find an original solution to a problem.

Manage your digital influence

Learn to influence with internet all decision makers by talking about your brand, your product or your services.

2 minutes for your business

Oral communication practice to present and highlight your project to a potential partner or investor in 2 minutes.

Arguing to convince

Some issues to find the right words, the right argument to get your ideas across? This course provides the tools and methods needed to be more effective in your relationships with decision makers.

Create and maintain your networks

To expand your business, to address decision-makers, or recruit talent ... Personal or professional relationships, simple acquaintances or contacts are assets not to be overlooked. Learn how to optimize these networking areas.